E-ERIM is a repository of short texts on theoretical and methodological concepts, agents, places and objects, events and everyday expressions related to the European irregularized migration regime at the south-eastern periphery of the EU. The e-ERIM strives to present critically-structured, as well as empirically and theoretically based concepts stemming from the current irregularized migration regime in the area shaped by proscribed and criminalized migrant movements through Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

E-ERIM was created as part of the scientific research project ERIM, The European Irregularized Migration Regime in the Periphery of the EU: From Ethnography to Keywords (HRZZ  IP 2019-04-6642, 2020-2024), conducted by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. It was designed by ERIM associates, academics from several disciplines such as ethnology and cultural anthropology, social work, musicology, sociology, literary research. The work on e-ERIM is conceived as a continuous, multi-year contribution from collaborators, but also from other researchers, which will “record” not only the manifestations of a particular term in the field and in the literature, but also the research process in which e-ERIM was created.

Ovaj rad financirala je Hrvatska zaklada za znanost projektom ERIM (IP-2019-04-6642)

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